Overview of high resolution digital printing

New technologies are allowing artists extended possibilities in digital media printing. Prints utilizing a wide range of output devices from extended focus scanning, high res cameras and new imaging software allow for producing prints of superb image quality of the highest resolutions ever obtained. Meanwhile, beautiful prints that offer a range of possibilities can be made using video stills and images obtained from cell phones. These will often have a subtle softer quality that may serve particular artistic expressions. Substrates for printing on have improved immensely that range from traditional photo papers to heavy weight fine art papers including textured watercolor papers. AC Printshop has been exploring using a wide range of traditional Xuan papers with excellent results.


新技术允许艺术家在数字媒体印刷中扩展可能性。使用来自扩展焦点扫描,高分辨率相机和新成像软件的各种输出设备允许产生具有所获得的最高分辨率的极好图像质量的数字版画作品。同时,可以使用从手机获得的视频静止帧图像和照片来制作提供各种可能性的出众版画。这些作品通常具有微妙的柔和质量,可以提供特定的艺术表现力。用于印刷的基材已经大大改进,从传统相纸到包括纹理水彩纸在内的重量级美术纸。 AC版画工作室一直在探索使用各种传统的宣纸进行版画出版,效果极佳。